As of July 30th, 2021 Global Rubber Products was purchased by Niagara Rubber Supply Inc. Changes and updates to the website are coming but all customers should be aware that the location at 515 Milner Avenue in Scarborough is closed. All emails and current contact information are still intact or alternatively, you can contact Niagara Rubber Supply directly. Global Rubber has provided quality service to their customers for over 40 years and we feel becoming part of the Niagara Rubber Supply family is a great way to continue on.

Niagara Rubber Supply Inc.

94 Dunkirk Rd, Unit 12N

St.Catharines ON

L2P 3H4

905-682-7272 or 416-293-1990

Email: as well will connect you with our team.

Silicone & Barium-Based Lubricants & Adhesives

9SGREASE Silicone Base O-Ring Lubricant

ilicon-based lubricant is recommended for use with all rubber materials. Only a thin film of lubricant should be used to avoid seal damage. Package includes 2 ounces of Silicone lubricant.

9BGREASE Barium Base O-Ring Lubricant

The Parker O-Lube is a petroleum-based grease recommended for use with Polyacrylate, Vamac®, Neoprene, Fluorosilicone, Nitrile, HNBR, Polyurethane, Fluorocarbon, AFLAS®, Hifluor®, and Parofluor® O-Ring materials. Package includes 2 ounces of Petroleum-based lubricant.

9ADHESIVE Quick Set Adhesive

Cyanoacrylate adhesives or glues are a specialized series of single component, solvent-free liquids that are individually formulated for instant bonding of mated metal, plastic or rubber parts and assemblies.

Instant Bonder adhesives by Saf-T-Lok® cure at room temperature without pressure to provide exceedingly high bond strengths. Cure is catalyzed by weak alkaline materials including trace amounts of moisture on the surface of parts to be bonded. Shrinkage is negligible since Instant Bonder adhesives contain 100% reactive materials. Solvent resistance is very good. Package includes 3 grams of adhesive. Download the Saf-T-Lok® Ethyl Series Instant Bonders Technical Data Sheet (PDF).